What we do

Connect your brand with the right audience, telling the right story, on the right channel, at the right time.

Rice & Soya – A Next Gen Global Digital Media Agency

Media Buying

Reach your target audience on our YouTube or TikTok channels to build awareness and drive the right traffic for your brand!

Rice & Soya – A Next Gen Global Digital Media Agency

Content Distribution

Partner with us to brief the right mix of audience, maximize your creative budgets, create content with agility and deliver an awesome library of rich media assets.

Rice & Soya – A Next Gen Global Digital Media Agency

Video Production

We will take your campaign to the next step from organising the location, equipment and directing the content, ensuring that your video communicates the correct message.

We give you Generation Z

TikTok is currently ranked as the #1 most downloaded app on the Apple App Store. Because of its power of viral and trendy videos, it is also one of the best social media channels for Influencer Marketing. Short videos on TikTok are generated by a younger generation in comparison to Instagram or YouTube. With our channel we combine the power of TikTok with the audience on YouTube by creating trending compilation videos on a daily basis.

We give you music lovers

If you listened to music on YouTube over the past years, it's inevitable that you've encountered a lo-fi hip-hop. The numerous channels that created them have become sensations, raking in thousands of listeners and carving out a loyal fanbase who turn to the tracks and mixes for soothing background music as they work or study. Sound Bucket is aspirational, focused and in-sync with its young and ambitious audience. We combine the power of this trending music stream with the audience on YouTube by giving them relaxing lo-fi hiphop tracks and mixes on a daily basis.

15-30 years old
female / male mixed
Over 7 million impressions and
1 million views per month
United States
United Kingdom
50K hours per month

Our channels are generating over 1 million views every month

We tell entertaining and culturally relevant stories which captivate the audience's attention on YouTube and TikTok. We are currently focusing in the entertainment and music industry.

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